About Us

Datec Inc is a Pacific Northwest based enterprise infrastructure provider, system integrator, wireless communications hardware supplier and a technical professional services center.  Datec has built its brand around these three major areas of competence:

Enterprise infrastructure & system integrator provider: We work in conjunction with your teams to assist companies with data center solutions:
Our solution offerings include:

  • Computing
  • Security
  • Routing and Physical Infrastructure
  • Cooling
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Networking
  • Power
  • Racking
  • Load Balancing
  • HSM/back-up

With Datec’s technical expertise and the integration experience necessary to provide complete storage, back-up and disaster recovery/business continuance solutions we can greatly reduce the amount of time and energy expended by your purchasing or IT staff in procuring technology solutions that best fit your business objectives, both immediate and long term. As a technology partner, Datec can provide availability, handle DOAs, initial ordering and order tracking as well as history with international shipments.

Wireless communications supplier: Datec utilizes ruggedized Panasonic/IBM/HP laptops to extend from 802.1x to wireless IP, specializing in-vehicle mounted solutions, wireless reporting and data transmission using ruggedized Panasonic/IBM/HP laptops. Providing its public safety, utility, state and local agency, and commercial clients with a turn-key hardware, middleware and activation solutions is the role of the Datec mobile division.

Technical professional services:  We have an array of outstanding technical personnel who provide services including architecture design, virtualization consulting, integration, engineering and break/fix repair.

Who We Are

Who we are:  Datec is a locally owned, leading provider for network and data solutions in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1975 Datec has assisted its enterprise partners with dynamic technology solutions for application availability, power, storage, backup and recovery, mobile, and networking solutions across the IT landscape. Providing data center solutions, LAN, WAN and VPN, application optimization, global availability, IT Cost Visibility, security, compliance and wireless applications as part of our forte.

Datec is a privately owned value added reseller. Our business is our customers and our strength is our diversely talented staff that serves to be the best in the business.  We stake our reputation on the solutions we bring to you, as well as the leading names behind them to be your partner throughout.

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Our Partners:   Datec carefully selects partners who exhibit a proven understanding of business, and who deliver measurable returns for our clients. We have formed strategic partnerships with some of the leading technology experts in the world.  Together, we work closely to provide our customers with solutions that solve their challenges.  Datec offers an in-depth expertise and understanding of the industry-leading solutions our partners offer.  Our diversity in technology partners allows us to best serve our various clients and their assorted requests.

By serving as your single, dependable and expert source for multiple solutions, we are able to ensure consistency, efficiency and accountability while saving you the time and trouble of managing multiple vendors. A sampling of our partners and services include:


    • Nimble Storage
    • Isilon (EMC)
    • DataDomain (EMC)
    • Compellent (Dell)
    • Coraid
    • Commvault
    • Quantum
    • Nexsan
    • Promise
    • Unitrends

    • Juniper
    • F5
    • Splunk
    • Proof Point
    • Barracuda
    • SafeNet
    • Voltage
    • Palo Alto
    • White Hat
    • ScaleArc
    • Checkpoint
    • FireEye

    • Juniper
    • F5
    • Cisco
    • Extreme
    • Brocade
    • Silverpeak
    • Extrahop
    • Network Critical
    • Aruba
    • Sonic Wall
    • Meraki
    • A10
    • Gigamon
    • Radware

    • VMWare
    • Splunk
    • Tableau
    • Commvault
    • Nutanix
    • Quest
    • Vertica(HP)
    • HP
    • Cisco USC
    • Super Micro
    • Dell
    • IBM
    • Microsoft

    • APC(Schneider Electric)
    • Tripplite
    • Servertech
    • Emerson
    • Chatsworth

    • Cisco
    • Juniper
    • F5
    • Quantum
    • Splunk
    • Commvault
    • EMC(Data Domain, Isilon, CS, NS, VNX)
    • VMware, McAfee

    • High Availability design
    • Network Assessments
    • Security Audits
    • Backup Recovery Audits
    • Virtualization Design
    • Private and Public Cloud solutions.