Datec carefully selects partners who exhibit a proven understanding of business, and who deliver measurable returns for our clients. We have formed strategic partnerships with some of the leading technology experts in the world.  Together, we work closely to provide our customers with solutions that solve their challenges.  Datec offers an in-depth expertise and understanding of the industry-leading solutions our partners offer.  Our diversity in technology partners allows us to best serve our various clients and their assorted requests.

By serving as your single, dependable and expert source for multiple solutions, we are able to ensure consistency, efficiency and accountability while saving you the time and trouble of managing multiple vendors. A sampling of our partners and services include:

Compute & Virtualization

Datec partners with the leading server manufacturers to deliver a solution that meets compute needs from branch offices to large server farms with 100s of servers. With the constant change of technical and business needs of various regulatory and availability requirements, Datec has in-house data center experts who will assist with selecting, deploying and managing a solution that fits your unique needs.

Mobile Computer – Networking

Datec is a leading supplier of rugged mobile computer/networking solutions. For the past 20+ years, we have successfully supplied, installed, and supported
hundreds of Public Safety agency deployments in the most demanding vehicle environments, as well as rugged portable computing devices for field inspections,
e-citations, and other portable applications. Our integrated mobile solutions come from our 20+ year partnerships with PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK and other
related mobile computing system manufacturers, including; Brother Mobile Solutions, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Havis, Gamber Johnson, Lind Electronics,
Wilson Electronics, Panorama, Airgain, in-vehicle and body-worn camera systems.

Datec offers complete lifecycle management services, as well as municipal leasing solutions, to assist our customers in meeting their needs within their rigid
budget limitations.

Please contact [email protected] to inquire how we can support your mobile and portable rugged computer needs.

Monitoring & Analytics

Achieve IT operational efficiency and modernize core banking, trading and insurance systems. Get immediate visibility of data and bring order to unstructured data to achieve regulatory compliance and avoid penalties.


Automate and simplify performance on all parts of your network to meet expanding data demands while delivering high efficiency.  Giving you visibility into the network intelligence you need to deliver great wireless connectivity for users.


Providing high quality Power solutions to increase power availability and energy efficiency in industrial & infrastructure applications. Large and small companies across all industries can maintain maximum availability and keep business critical equipment and applications up and running at all time.


Through our security solution integrations, we can implement measures and systems designed to securely protect and safeguard information, while also helping enable our clients reduce risks of cyber security attacks and protect their network.

Storage & Backup

Providing a seamless transition from alternate storage methods. This includes consolidating data silos, creating a unified platform for sharing analytics, accelerating the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and enabling the automation of multi-cloud environments.